A feature-length drama. Coming soon

Several of the principal cast members of Rescued

Merritt Vann (right) leads the talented cast, featuring stellar performances from Kate Dailey and Matthew Merritt (left), and the film debuts for Chappell Lackore and Lydia DeAngelo (center).

Filming Rescued in November, 2019

Award-winning director Daljit Kalsi (second from left) helmed the project, with Collins White (left) as cinematographer, Erik Olsen (center) as aerial photographer, and Ashley McHam (not pictured) as assistant director.

Lucy as “Ruby” in Rescued

Lucy (pictured) leads the canine cast as “Ruby,” with some supporting help from Ren as “Roscoe” and Charlotte Belle (the lovable dog of Magic 98.9 FM personality Sheri Taylor) playing herself.

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