Rescued: A new motion picture from Daljit Kalsi and Merritt Vann

Award-winning filmmaking team Daljit Kalsi and Merritt Vann are collaborating once again on a new feature film, titled “Rescued.”

Vann and Kalsi have produced a string of award-winning films, including BOUND: An unflinching look inside the brutal world of human trafficking, Triggered, Bottled Up, Down in the Dark, and Harvest Season.

On the heels of creating several powerful narratives on the topics of human trafficking, school violence, alcoholism, and cancer, Kalsi and Vann have devised a new script surrounding another hard-hitting subject that will take audiences on an emotional journey and leave them smiling through tears.

“Rescued,” follows Tom Connelly, a grieving man who hopes adopting a dog can help fill a hole in his heart and life. Tom soon learns his new dog, Ruby, has her own tragic backstory, and this discovery ultimately sets Tom on a path on a path to save a young child’s life. However, there are unexpected detours along the way and Tom is eventually forced to make what will either be the best decision of his life, or the last.

Kalsi, who was named Best Director at the Northeast Mountain Film Festival in Dillard, GA in June 2019, is back in the director’s chair for this film.

Kalsi is co-producing with Vann, who is also playing the lead. Vann has a lengthy resume, including principal roles in CBS’ The Inspectors, Homicide Hunter, Atlanta Homicide, Murder Calls, Killer Couples, Sleepy Hollow, Banshee, and American Nightmare.

Lucy, a lab mix with a resume of theatrical performances in the Columbia area, will portray the four-legged leading lady.

10-year-old Columbia native Chappell Lackore will be making her on-screen debut as Louisa, a young girl whose life is on the line.

The late NFL legend and South Carolina Football Hall of Famer,Sam Wyche, who played in Super Bowl VII for the Redskins and coached the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII, laced up his cleats to lead the supporting cast.

Kate Dailey (Homicide Hunter, The Encounter), Matthew Merritt (Cracks, Mister Academy), Chantey Colet (Harvest Season, Door to Door) and Pat Yeary (Love to the Rescue, The Righteous Gemstones) round out the top supporting cast.

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