That’s a wrap!

(GREENVILLE, SC) – Rescued is officially heading into post-production.

Principle photography wrapped on Feb. 9, 2020.

The crew of Rescued and Lucy after filming wrapped on Feb. 9, 2020 in Columbia, SC.

“We still have a few aerial sequences to finish and some pickup shoots but for the most part, we’ve finished shooting the script,” said Daljit Kalsi, the film’s director. “We still have months of post-production before we’ll have anything ready to screen,” he added.

Kalsi and co-executive producer Merritt Vann both said the film would not be possible without the contributions of time, talent, and resources by dozens of people.

The filmmakers would like to first thank everyone who worked on the crew:

  • Collins White
  • Debra Leopard
  • Ashley McHam
  • Erik Olsen
  • Zack Spencer
  • Daniel Hudson
  • Trey Tubb
  • Mark DiNovo
  • Kari Tilghman
  • Emily Schreiber
  • Vincent Arceo
  • Stacey Montebello
  • Robert French
  • Seth Reynolds
  • Yusif Amin
  • John Sexton
  • Ella Wilkie
  • Jonathan Baty
  • Bruce Strong
  • Chantey Colet
  • Neil Lee Griffin
  • Jacob Wihlidal

“Next, we could not have done it without the cast,” added Vann, who is also the film’s lead actor.

Vann and Kalsi thank the following talent for their powerful performances:

  • Kate Dailey
  • Matthew Merritt
  • Chappell Lackore
  • Lydia DeAngelo
  • Sam Wyche
  • Sheri Taylor
  • Chantey Colet
  • Leslie Vicary
  • Eden Vicary
  • Jennifer Lindman
  • Pat Yeary
  • Jamon Meredith
  • Vanzell Haire
  • Caroline Davis
  • April Bender
  • Debra Leopard
  • Mark DiNovo
  • Ariel Schiller
  • James Harvley
  • Everyone who volunteered to be an extra

The filmmakers are also grateful to the Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board, who sponsored our film, and the contributions of our executive producers:

  • Chantey Colet
  • Katherine Escobar
  • John & Donna Sexton
  • Johnny Ray Campbell

There are a number of businesses and individuals the filmmakers would like to thank. Their names are listed below, in no particular order:

  • Lynda Leopard
  • David Leopard
  • Jim Deel
  • Laurel Crest Senior Living Community
  • The Laurel Crest Staff
  • Mark Johnson
  • Donate Life, SC
  • Andy Bullard
  • Mary Bullard
  • Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dental Studio of Greenville
  • The Barkery Bistro
  • Millcreek Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Vanessa Brooks, DVM
  • Angela Rodriguez
  • Wilson Associates

“I’m sure we are forgetting some at the moment, but everyone who contributed will be recognized in the film’s credits,” Kalsi said.

The filmmakers hope to have a festival cut ready to submit by the fall 2020 festival season.

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